Aeon Oz
Aeon Oz

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Aeon Oz, an art film, a hymn to life, a spiritual journey. Dance, music and sublime images, sketch a mystery play, a series of visual meditations on the chronology of existence.
Every human being, every being is on a journey. Aeon Oz chooses this theme, this flow of time with all its stages and links 12 archetypes based on the zodiac and a mantra, abstracts these connections and lets a protagonist cathartically dance this ritual path.
A brilliant mystic conglomeration for all the senses. To hear, to see, to feel and to be.


 Aeon Oz

Aeon Oz – The Mantra
I’m here to grow
this is the right place
to unfold and express myself
for the joy of living
for playing and loving
with all my responsibility
in harmony with all beings
with deep faith
and spiritual belief.
respecting the universal principles and laws
no borders just freedom
ready for transformation and unity.

अत्रािस्म वधर्नाय
समुिचतं स्थानिमदम्
आत्मप्रकटनाय िवकसनाय च
लीलाथर्ं प्रीत्यथर्ं च
सवर्िवधदाियत्वबोधेन सह
सवर्भूतसमभावेन सह
वैश्वतत्त्वं िनयमान् च पालियत्वा
न ससीमत्वं के वलं स्वातन्त्र्यम्
सज्जता रूपान्तरणाय एकताथर्ं च