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Aeon Oz is the story of a mystical journey. 12 paths are lived through to eventually reach the top of a spiritual reality. It is our way, and this way is neither in the past nor in the future but in the now, where in the depth of being everything reveals itself and the desire to grow from that depth and to manifest the essence of what is always universal was. It is a journey of discovery to the origins of knowledge and the desire to transform in the steady flow of time. A mystical revelation that the world, with its cycle of birth and death, is not really our true home.

Aeon means age, Oz means light. The title describes a departure into the age of light, the Aquarius era, and reminds us that we, too, come out of the light and are beings of light.

This mystery of images, light, sound and movement will be filmed in various places around the world, with a focus on India, Nepal and Colombia. Associative mood images around cultural sites and natural landscapes are collaged.
This creates images of amazement: of the simplicity of a constantly changing cloudscape, of a painted landscape that is experienced in flight and of the magic of light and its reflections, backlights and play of colors on the horizon.
These images alternate with snapshots of the most diverse people at the various locations.
Against this background, 12 archetypal archetypes are presented in order to reveal the harmony in the background. The protagonist will attract our attention as a spectator and lead us through the winding path of the twelve gates, filled with music and atmospherically captured light.


Usually, we take our world, our way of life, to be totally true, because there is nothing else to perceive. However, when you live in this current world of sensory overload, you can usually only see the surface full of norms, rules, regulations, copies of copies. There does not appear to be a capacity to see beyond, to see that we have enclosed ourselves in an artificial environment that has remarkably replaced the original nature itself. We no longer live with nature; we live above it, so to speak. Nature has become a resource to keep this artificial or new nature alive.
Aeon Oz in other words, the larger image behind it, wants to give a holistic view. It is not so much about the myth itself, a certain meaning or a specific value. Aeon Oz sees itself as an initiation, the meaning of which ultimately lies solely with the viewer. The role of Aeon Oz is to formulate questions that only the audience can answer. Not the predetermined meaning, but a meaning gained from the encounter. The encounter as true revelation, not the meaning.


The spectator who unites with the spirit of the work to experience the essence of this mystery play emotionally and intellectually. It is also intended to awaken the capacity for astonishment, and a curiosity to engage with the aura of the mysterious and magical underlying all mystical purification rituals. Aeon Oz, a matrix that works like a net. Somewhere there is a point of contact and everything to start swinging.

No past. No future. Open mind. Open heart. Full attention. No reservations. That’s all.

Scott Morrison