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Aeon Oz is the story of a mystical journey: 12 paths are lived through, culminating with the attainment of a spiritual reality. It is our journey, and the path travelled is neither in the past nor in the future but in the now – where in the depth-of-being everything reveals itself, as does the desire to grow from that depth and to manifest the essence of what is always universal. It is a journey of discovery to the origins of knowledge, and the desire to transform in the steady flow of time. A mystical revelation that the world, with its cycle of birth and death, is not really our true home. This mystery of images, light, sound and movement was filmed in India, Nepal, Columbia and Austria.


The mantra Aeon Oz (page 1) invites the viewer to link the elements seen and to relate them to one another. The dancing protagonist leads us through the winding path of the twelve episodes. The mantra and dancer are our medium, just like the engaging music and the atmospheric light.


Usually, we take our world, our way of life, to be totally true because there is nothing else to perceive. However, when you live in this current world of sensory overload, you can usually only see the surface full of norms, rules, regulations, and copies of copies. There does not appear to be a capacity to see beyond all that, to see that we have enclosed ourselves in an artificial environment that has replaced the original, the natural. We no longer live with nature; we live above it, so to speak. Nature has become a resource to keep this artificial or new “nature” alive.


Aeon Oz wants to paint the bigger picture behind it, to take a step back and allow a holistic view. Aeon Oz does not want to confront the viewer with a predefined meaning, but to enable an encounter.

Through the experience of the viewer, the ability to be amazed and the willingness to open up to an aura of mysticism thrive. Aeon Oz works like a plexus: somewhere there is a point of contact, and thereafter everything starts to resonate.


“No past. No future. Open mind. Open heart. Full attention. No reservations. That’s all.” Scott Morrison