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The dance and music film Aeon Oz is a hymn to life. It shows the beauty of the earth in harmony with humanity.
The choreography, which takes place on many continents, divests itself of the articulation of a classical narrative in favor of the meditative wonder of a great now. The associative flow of the images is framed within the arc of the narrative: from the ritual fire dance at the onset of the heroine's journey to the closing return to a community.
In the center, the protagonist as she submerges herself, scene for scene, within wondrous locations – some created by man, some almost untouched nature. Merging with her surroundings, through dance and meditation she is bestowed the gift of the elements.
The episodes of the film find their counterparts in the Aeon Oz Mantra and its meditations, but are also based on the archetypal and cathartic elements of the sensory evolution of being.
A brilliant mystic conglomeration for all the senses. To hear, to see, to feel and to be.


 Aeon Oz

Aeon Oz – The Mantra

We are here to grow
this is the right place
to unfold and express ourselves
for the joy of living
for playing and loving
with all our responsibility
in harmony with all beings
with deep faith
and spiritual conviction.
respecting the universal principles and laws
no borders just freedom
ready for transformation and unity.